Picking Up Girls With Connor Murphy Tricks – SHREDDED VS. FAT

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49 Replies to “Picking Up Girls With Connor Murphy Tricks – SHREDDED VS. FAT”

  1. Beard and hair makes you look hella scraggly bro. Body is definitely a 10 but grooming a 0. You think you look manly but you really just look dirty and unnatended to. Also your comment about Connor not having a beard, seriously? Really douchy and typical small minded kid. Good grooming is way more attractive according to statistics. You're the combination between fit and homeless.

  2. its all on how you carry yourself bro..if this is even real for that matter..you can tell you where acting like a retard in the first half and the broads could tell you where joking

  3. I really think that the body hair in the "fat scene" was the problem no the fat.. that and the attitude. I don't think you have to be shredded in order to be able to pick up girls. Cheers mate! You did a good job getting in shape btw.

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