Pick Up Artist Savoy on Dr Phil Part 1 PUA Mystery Method

Pick Up Artist Savoy on Dr Phil Part 1 PUA Mystery Method


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  1. No  never insult  a stranger or tear down a friend as ask for something. Thats bullying. slander and defeats purpose. bully. Simple training in  people skills  good.

  2. "Why do people assume PUA is some sort of mind control trickery. We don't just whisper a magic spell and the girls just cant help but sleep with us."

    – Exactly… PUA is a SOCIAL SKILL, becoming more attractive through an attractive personality. It's like Professional Selling… who would take professional selling courses in college expecting to hear magic phrases and mind tricks that will lead to millions in sales? Real life doesn't work that way… Mind control is an entirely different endeavor.

  3. +KaeruthePaladin Lol Kareuthe, don't be so open about your own shitty life.  The number of women I'd slept with surpassed my age when I was 23 because I had good social skills and held no bitterness or resentment towards women.  Still in the game 5 years later and actually, most of the girls I have ever gotten with, I had to convince them it's okay to sleep with someone outside a relationship.  God, your views on how lame men are and how slutty women are speak volumes about your skill level with this shit.

  4. Dr Phil is a feminist tool.

    The fact of the Matter is Women have had sex with dozens of Men by the time they're Married and most Men are Virgins, hell a lot havent even had their first kiss until their wedding day.

    Don't let this short fat bald fuck convince you otherwise, if you're a Man who works a 9-5 you deserve a great girl. More Men should practice seducing women, they deserve it. Dr Phil doesn't understand how to get a woman because he Married a naive girl who was just outta highschool

  5. yeah youtube clips do make it fairly easy to pickup avg chicks but if you want to mac 10s you must have game or your wont have a fuckn chance check out the free clip on PUA66.COM

    آهٍ، ضقتُ بحالي، بأكاذيبي ضقت لو يلتف على عنقي أحد الحبلين حبل الصدق …، أو حبل الصمت

  6. Why do people assume PUA is some sort of mind control trickery. We don't just whisper a magic spell and the girls just cant help but sleep with us. Its a way of becoming an attractive man that girls WANT. The old style of game (Mystery method) did rely on a lot of gimmicks, but these days its mainly about self development.

  7. Women do it alllllllll the time!!! Women start to practice and learn how to meet and attract and seduce men at least by the age of 13 or younger. They are constantly talking about it, what they learned… Have you read the titles in the magazines at the grocery store? How to attract that guy! How to manipulate him to marrying you within a year. How to get trick him to buy a bigger diamond ring! And on and on and on… Sheesh! So women can learn this but men can't??? Bullshit!

  8. I looked at some of the posts. I realize this is a favourable clip. My older brother just would like to get astonishing with women of all ages. He picked up a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The advice relating to getting girls at night clubs in the emails coming from that website gave got him his very first fucks in 2 long yrs. I got annoyed however given that I heard them all. Grrrr.

  9. I looked at some of the feedback however I believe this is a respectable video clip. My younger brother simply wants to become effective with the hottest young ladies. He uncovered alot from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The information in relation to attracting girls through nightclubs in those emails from that site got got him his very first fucks in more than 2 yrs. I became pissed though coz I heard them all.

  10. If a guy gets "training" to get a girl, then he probably shouldnt be trying in the first place, anyone who advertises this, or uses it, is pathetic. Theres no damn formula, they're not machines, or animals, jesus christ

  11. I used to be into pua but I realized that while it is helpful for some types of men who have a really analytical brain. It's better to just become a natural man. Negging is really just taking a bitch off her pedastal and enjoying her for the person she is and letting her know that her shit stinks just like any other person. It is teasing her and letting her know that she's not all that important and you are know your own value. Treat her like you would a cousin…you know she has flaws.

  12. The truth of the matter is women want a man who knows what he is doing. If a guy doesn't know what he is doing he gets rejected, friendzoned, or played. You get played if a woman uses you as a provider or a simp. She will dump all her issues on you and hopes that you save her ass while she rarely if ever gives you sex and sucks everything from your life and your bank account…the really unlucky marry this bitch and then are stuck for life paying for child support if they have kids.

  13. Women manipulate naive men all the time. I was one. I was with this girl for 3 years…until I learned the game and found out I was getting played. I was using the bullshit advice mothers tell their sons about women and that was totally wrong. Every man should learn the game and if you don't women can be very manipulative. They will use you to become their sucker, get married and provide them with kids and stability while they cheat and collect money if you are not strong in this game.

  14. Wonderful video clip. I'm here due to the fact my mate suddenly started to be astounding with chicks. He started getting girls overnight. He pretended he didn't notice. Then he smiled and told me while he was wasted on Bourbon. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will get it… He's on a date today with a beautiful girl… Lucky dick!

  15. Jesus fucking Christ. Because of the pick up artist class I took back in 2005 I was a player until I met my wife in 2009. if it weren't for the pickup artist class I took I wouldn't have ever approached her. We got married in 2011 and our first child is on the way. pick ups aren't evil dumbass

  16. I found that really insightful. I had been so mystified looking at my pal move from being lame to a ladies man. He started getting women magically. I was astounded. He behaved as if it was ordinary for a while. He finally came clean two days ago. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to know about it… He's dating a sexy chick…

  17. He showed you a magic trick, compliments your eyes and buy you a drink, so you think he is the one and gives him a blowjob and a fuck and call him pathetic?…

    There are some real charming guys using pick-up technics that could be the one, but you gotta be just alittle bit respectful to your vagina, stay positve but don't give us the gold right away unless you only want sex too, then it's cool!

    (I'm betraying my own kind because i feel sorry for you, that makes me a good guy.)

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