Mystery The Pickup Artist Using Peacocking Theory Mystery PUA and Neil Strauss AKA Style peacock using tacky top hats, goggles, snakeskin suits and make-up in hopes to have women approach them…

I tried peacocking too… I did it as a way cheat my approach anxiety…

It ultimately didn’t work… I learned how to overcome approach anxiety once and for all… YOU CAN TOO!

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5 Replies to “Mystery The Pickup Artist Using Peacocking Theory”

  1. @approachanxietycure eyeliner and fuzzy hats is just a bonus in attracting women ,ofc you need game to get what you want, you didn't get my ideea. And computer programming doesn't build your personality, that's just what you do…so if you peacock right and you're fun, interesting and don't give a shit…it'll get you a whole lot farther than if you don't. Roger out.

  2. duuuude you got it all wrong
    peacocking means nothing if it doesnt match your personality
    if you dress up like a clown then u have to act like a clown…if you dress up like a rockstar then u better freaking act like one,otherwise you'll be just a nerd dressed up like a christmas fucking tree

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