The Next Baby Pickup Artist? | DailyHa 003

I go deep and talk about my baby girl.
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Good Day! First off thank you for watching this video and checking out the channel. This channel is a window in the life of a pickup artist, family man and eager entrepreneur. New videos daily!

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I’m Frank Haro, a Pickup Artist Based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This is my daily vlog channel where I give you an exclusive look into the life of a Pickup Artist and hustling entrepreneur.

Also check out my main channel, Pickup Decoded. It features videos on how to pickup women and how to meet women, both at night and during the day. If you’re interested in PUA Infield Pickup Footage, check out my Infield Breakdown Series. I breakdown full infield pickups in a detailed format from open to close. I pick them apart in order to share my experiences with seducing women.

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Also, I’m here to help you on your journey with learning to attract women, and how to meet hot girls. On my website, you will find my contact information and you are welcome to call, text, or email if there is anything I can help you with regarding how to have sex with hot women, and the pickup artists journey leading up to that amazing place. Thanks for stopping by!

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2 Replies to “The Next Baby Pickup Artist? | DailyHa 003”

  1. Very nice. Congrats on your daughter. Wow this is a shocker. I didn't know you were married and had a daughter. Plus you're doing pickup. That's like a double life. I very much enjoy your vlogs

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