Love Systems Bootcamp on Dr. Phil With Pickup Artists

Dr. Phil shows some footage of a Love Systems bootcamp taught by Savoy, consultant to the VH1 The Pickup Artist show, and The Don. In studio, some women react to meeting the students in a bar.

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46 Replies to “Love Systems Bootcamp on Dr. Phil With Pickup Artists”

  1. @Canuckforces2 I think you must be watching some other PUA "guru's" videos (or old stuff). We at Love Systems don't do magic tricks, and we don't currently refer to women as "targets." We teach men how to be their best selves, and how to calibrate what they say and do to their specific identities. So, if there is a routine, it's going to be based on the individual man's lifestyle, activities, interests, etc.

  2. @Canuckforces2 This is a pretty silly outlook. That's like saying a woman shouldn't dress up nicer than she usually does when she goes out or wear makeup as she's not "authentic" to who she really is. Members of both sexes present themselves as best as they can to meet and attract mates/partners. Guys shouldn't be ashamed of this, and Love Systems works every day around the world.

  3. My advice to everyone trying this… please watch the VH1 season 1 and 2 of the Pickup Artist and learn how to socialize with girls. It will help you on every area of your life. But careful not to become to addicted!

  4. @yssispoop what is wrong is that most people don't teach each other how to act in a fun playful way… that's what this guy does. Once you start being playful with people, and not just with the girls you want to sleep with, you are going to start having the time of your life. What he teaches is truly not difficult but it does takes some courage and balls to break the ice.

  5. @IHBJM I think you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm a good looking athletic latin guy with a huge dick but I used to say the wrong thing… pretty often and I was having some problems closing with chicks. I have been learning the mystery method for about 1 month now, doing plenty of reading and video watching and it had definitely helped me a lot. It definitely made me feel more self-confident and I say the right thing most of the time. I've been hanging w tons of girls lately.

  6. @IHBJM I'm sorry, but That is absolute crap! if you Read the Mystery Method book, you'll know that all we are doing is Following the laws of nature, women are wired different to men. Please research something before you condemn it, i had to read the bible before i stopped believing in god, otherwise it's just ignorance. You have a defeatist attitude the "i can never get a girl like that" thing is rubbish, stop thinking like that, and straight away you're life will change.

  7. @IHBJM Sorry you feel that way, I really am. You can see by these videos how much media attention we've received over the years, and how many people are interested in what we're doing. Do you really think that we got this big with a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Nope. Our system works, and it works for all types of guys with all types of looks. I'd strongly suggest you check out The Attraction Forums (completely free); it sounds like you might get a lot out of hearing the success stories.

  8. @IHBJM I'm not sure you really understand the point of what we're doing. Any guy can look good enough to meet women by getting a haircut and some clothes that fit, so we're not buying the "fugly" bit. And if a man doesn't know he has these "skills," then why is it wrong to teach them to him? There's no ripping people off when we teach guys who normally can't even speak to a woman in a social situation how to approach confidently and have genuine interactions.

  9. 1st and foremost, this is a tool, you cant rely solely on it. It is a means to get in, what you do after this will determine your ultimate "success" w/ women. If you are running game and "gambits" or whatever Mystery calls them all the time she wont stick around long. If you want a relationship you have to have some "inner game" as well. and that is something that is much harder to learn

  10. @pua4lyfe44 thats why its called a "false" disqualification. Your not telling the womren "yea im happily married and have 3 children therefore it would be completely socially unexeptable for us to even talk to each other." your telling her that you dont ussually date "her" type of women. The goal in a false disqualifyer is to seperate yourself from the other 4343 people who make it obvious that they are trying to pick the girl up.

  11. i think this is PUA thing is disgusting , going prepared to meet girls like with a strategy is to Phony!! its first, disrispectful, and even if it works i would actually feel bad of being so fake.. i better keep meeting girls normally, i dont care if its not every weekend!! though you can take some advice PUAs give like "go out actually and talk to women" thats a very good advice ahahaha, really!, and just try to have more confidence, and choose reasonable goals!!!

  12. @workspace27 go big or go home, if u have a small dick, and shell feel a lil something nothing special, then NO. if you are packing the big guns, and things are escalating, grinding some touching, etc. then by all means

  13. @yssispoop That's a very valid point. Meeting women shouldn't be difficult and every guy has its right to date the women he wants. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way in the real world.

  14. @sebazio3333 You may already be stuck in your ways, but try reading 'The Game' by Neil Strauss. It will give you a more insightful look into what the PUAs are all about. It's good to get both sides of the argument, you have yours, now hear theirs. I can't think of a better example than Neil Strauss because, if you watch some videos of him on YouTube, you will see that he is a genuine, honest and humble guy.

    Go on, it's about £4 on Amazon and it's a fantastic read.

    See you!

  15. @DeejayFrenkie lol start going natural bro. For Attraction and the first encounters in general, use mostly RSD's stuff. That way you cant get called out and they cant stay ahead of you. Once you get into D 2's and comfort building etc, then pop into mystery method or lovesystems mode. Just my personal advice, I dont work for either company, thats just the style ive found works for me.
    Id also sugest combinin a bunch of different pickup styles, do that and u wont have anything to worry about

  16. chill, seb man. yeah, women like looks and personality. so if you're not so good looking, you've got to up the personality and people skills. doesn't mean you're going to be dating beautiful girls, but if you put the effort and practice in, then you can definitley have more success. sometimes you see a hot girl with an average guy who isn't a millionaire lol

  17. sebazio your right just work on your self on your own and you will get a natural swag if you have someone to show you how to dress or u already know how to dress you will be fine.its better to learn on your own than using other peoples stuff that are canned lines and routines. it makes you fake and wierd. and you start to notice stuff on your on like what works and doesnt work and you become a strong confident man to the ladies

  18. dude, try to fix whats wrong with you I am not there so I dont know dress better workout, get skin care, hell plastic surgery is you have too, there has to be something you can do

  19. wow you sure showed me ! where do I begin?, listen asshole PUA is about tiem we had guys creating strategies and helping better our lives, it should inspire you to go out be social, look good be cool and have fun, understanding social dynamics is important dress well try took handsome and have good earning career if you dont thats your fault and no one cares PUA just helps you out, its guy talk, guys helping other guys. women wont tell you anything thats useful

  20. @sebazio3333

    Looks do matter but the great thing about looks is that girls go for different things. I've gotten girls over guys that I thought were better looking than me and I've had guys get girls over me that I was positive that I was better looking than.

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